Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Raw Review 17/09/12

Welcome to my second Monday Night Raw Review.

We're greeted by Michael Cole, live from Bridgeport Conneticut as CM Punk makes his entrance.  Oh, correction, we're met by Paul E. Dangerously.  Ring ropes are still white, pink and white to support Breast Cancer.  Good for them.  Paul introduces himself, saying that last night he witnessed history as he got to see CM Punk successfully defend the WWE Championship against John Cena.  Crowd boo, which Paul acknowledges, saying the finish was embroiled in controversy.  So, for the interest of clarity, Heyman asks the ref Chad Patton to come out and defend his decision.  Patton comes out to some boos.  Paul thanks Patton, and shows him a photo of him counting both men's shoulders to the mat.  He says everyone's been on Patton's case and that everyone loves to be a critic, especially John Cena.  He says that Patton made the right decision, to which Patton agrees.  Heyman and Punk admire that decision, naturally. Heyman shows a fan-made video that was on youtube, but was taken down, which Heyman thinks Cena was behind.  The footage is of another angle of the super German suplex and the pinfall.  Heyman says that match was clearly a tie, therefore the decision goes to the champion.  So, for the 302nd consecutive day, your WWE Champion is CM Punk.  CM Punk is now worthy of your respect, which you still refuse to give.  Enter Cena.

Pop for Cena, who points to the ramp with the Breast Cancer logo to it and nods.  Fair play to him, he's a good egg, that Cena.  Paul is quickly interrupted by Cena who tells him to shut up.  He agrees with Heyman in that Patton made the right call.  Cena stops mid-sentence as the crowd yell "Cena sucks".  He says that he didn't take the youtube video down, he can't even turn on his phone.  He has no hard feelings towards Patton, and yes they had words last night, but it wasn't about the decision.  It was the finality of the decision. He says the PPV last night was epic, his ankle is hurt and the match was of Wrestlemania proportions.  He said it was like ending the Superbowl in a tie and he wanted to see who would actually win.  He asks the audience, who agrees with him.  He asks if he thinks Heyman has earned respect over a tie.  Heyman simply answers with 'yes'.  The crowd also chant yes.  Cena seems to think it was no.  He says yours and CM Punk's version of respect is different than his.  He says you don't earn respect by hitting someone with the belt after a tie.  He says you earn it by beating anyone on any given night so you can stand in the ring and say "best in the world!"   Surely Punk has done that since he's 300+ days as champ?  Anyway, Cena wants a rematch.  They have Cena, they have a ref, all they need is CM Punk and we can have a rematch tonight.  Heyman is sure Punk would tell Cena straight to his face what he thinks of that... when he gets there tonight. But hearing it from Heyman is just as good, since he is the voice, of the voice, of the voiceless.  Cena is starting to lose his patience as Alberto Del Rio makes his way down the ring.

ADR tells Cena to stop crying about last night.  He said Cena had his chance, and lost, whereas he didn't have a fair match because Booker T reinstated the Brogue Kick seconds before his title match.  He says he wasn't ready for his opponent, which is why if anyone deserves a rematch, it's the man who never lies - Alberto Del Rio.  AJ Light's it Up as she skips down to, and round, the ring.  AJ Lee, speaking on behalf of Booker T, says they both deserve a second chance.  She is going to take the two main events from last night and combine them to make a SUPER MAIN EVENT.  It'll be Punk and ADR vs Sheamus and Cena.  Shocker.  She said the winner would be a great way of determining who gets a rematch, and who will be in it.  She skips off, with Paul Heyman, annoyed, following her.

Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio walking back stage having a natter.  They'll be in tag team action next as we hit ad break number 1.

I would've preferred a Fatal 4-Way for the 'Super' main event, because tag team main events a still common, even without Teddy Long's direct influence.  Overall, a good opener.  Cena has always been a good promo man and Heyman is the master, so it would've been difficult for this to be bad.

We're back with Primo, Epico and Rosa Mendes.  Michael Cole informs us that Jerry Lawler has returned to his home in Memphis, which is awesome.  He also shows us the 'Tout' Jerry sent out 3 days after his heart attack.  He's a badass.  Next week there'll be an interview with Lawler, likely by satellite.

JBL is back on commentary following is great job last night at NOC.  Jolly good.  And joining them, JR! JR! JR! JR! JR!  I knew JR was coming back but I love that man oh so much.  I'm not a huge fan of three-men commentary teams, but JR is the man, and JBL is a fantastic heel commentator, too.

Mysterio out first, followed by Sin Cara.  This match should be quicker than a hiccup.  Sin Cara and Primo start off with a beautiful jumping, spinning arm drag by Cara as he makes the quick tag to Mysterio.  They do a Hardy Boyz-esque double team with a cover for two.  Cara tagged back in who, with Mysterio give simultaneous kicks to the chest and back of Primo while JR wonders if Rosa does Epico and Primo's taxes.  Good ol' JR.  Ad break number 2.

We're back with Epico with a front face lock on Sin Cara before tagging in Primo.  Headlock using Cara's arms by Primo, who gets thrown over Cara's shoulders.  Cara goes for a tag but Primo stops him, who gets a tornado DDT off the ropes.  Both men down.  Hot tag to Mysterio as Primo tags Epico.  Wheelbarrow armdrag followed by a kick and a two count.  Mysterio picks up the pace as he gives Epico a hurricanrana, Cara does the same to Primo as Mysterio gives them a stereo 619, followed by a seated senton to Primo on the outside.  Cara hits the Swanton Bomb on Epico for the 1-2-3.

Quick tag team match that saw a lot of tags and good chemistry between Cara and Mysterio.  Pretty good for a TV match.

Mysterio and Cara are attacked post-match by the Prime Time Players.  Darren Young hits his gutbuster finisher while O'Neil hits the Sky High on Mysterio.  They each grab a microphone.  Titus is all fired up as he shouts that they're pissed off that their title shot got taken away from them and that nothing will be taken from them, ever again.  Wow, Darren Young is an idiot.  He repeated exactly what Titus said, but fucked it up.  Titus was really good, actually.  A lot of fire.

They show Kane and Bryan arguing over who the tag team champions is at Night of Champions.  Brilliant.  Kofi and R-Truth get their rematch tonight.  They won't win.

We're back from ad break number 3 with a graphic showing 'Miz TV'.  I guess Mizicho has a new talk show.  Fair enough.

Phoenix is in the ring, with Layla on commentary.  Eve, the new Divas champion, comes out as her opponent.  Eve is all smiles as the announcers give an update on Kaitlyn, saying she doesn't require surgery and she'll be good to go soon.  Eve offers a handshake to Phoenix, who denies it.  That's ma girl.  Headlock by Eve as Phoenix powers out with a knee to the gut.  Eve off the rope rolls over Phoenix RVD-style but gets flattened by Phoenix, followed by punches to the... hair.  More hair punches by Phoenix as the ref tells her to give her space.  Phoenix goes for the Glam Slam but Eve counters with a kick.  A small "Let's go Phoenix" chant starts.  Good.  Eve whipped in the corner is splashed and thrown to the opposite side.  Eve avoids Beth, shoves her in the turnbuckle and rolls her up for the upset victory.  She grabs her title and holds it up high in front of Layla, who stands up to meet her and a stare down.  Eve skips away, smiling at Layla as she looks on.

Ad break number 4.  It was nice to see Phoenix get more TV time, I just hope she is inserted into the title picture soon.

Brodus Clay makes his entrance with the two dancers.  I guess what's her face didn't get fired for bribing that officer and whatnot.  Double standards, WWE?  Surely not.  Antonio Cesaro with Aksana is on commentary.  Brodus is against Heath Slater, by the way, who doesn't get an entrance.  Clay knocks Heath down early, who counters with a kick to the leg.  Brodus down in the corner is met with strikes from Slater, who targets the legs to put the dinosaur down.  Headlock by Slater with elbows to the neck.  Cesaro calls Clay an embarrassment in 5 languages.  Front face lock on Clay who throws Slater off, followed by a flying forearm, of sorts. Slater whipped into the corner as Cesaro is up on the apron, distracting Clay.  Slater hits some weird move for a two count, then goes to the top.  Slater dives off, gets met by a huge headbutt from Clay, which looked dangerously close to Slater's face.  Clay hits the splash for the win.  Clay celebrates with his funkadactyls and some kids from the audience.  How embarrassing for them.  NEXT.

A dapper-looking Miz walks backstage as Miz TV is next.  Ad break 5.

Miz enters on the stage.  He holds his IC title up.  He asks what do you get when you have an IC champion who has everything?  He says he was against the odds and still win.  He says what do you get a man who does that?  You get him his very own TV show.  Big light-up M, being the W from the WWE logo turned upside down.  Mizfits and Miztakes, welcome to Miz TV.  He says all over shows always missed one thing.  Piper, Edge and Jericho were never as controversial, charismatic or awesome as Miz.  He said he proved his greatness when he beat 3 of the best superstars his guest tonight could through at him.  He welcomes Booker T.

Miz asks Booker how it feels to be the first guest on Miz TV.  Miz doesn't let Booker answer and suggests it's a better moment than any other in his career, including when he was a 5-time, 5-time, 5-time, 5-time, 5-time World Champion.  Wasn't Booker a 6-time World champ?  It is a better moment than his first Wrestlemania.  It's better, no wait it's almost as good as when Miz beat Cara, Mysterio and Rhodes blind-folded to retain his IC Championship.  Miz has a question that's been racking his brain.  Why is Booker against Miz?  Booker T chant starts.  He asks why he put Miz against 3 competitors, why did he ban and then reinstate the Brogue Kick?  He tells Booker why he did those things, because he misses the spotlight.  He says Booker misses being the centre of attention, that it drives him insane knowing his time is over.  Boring chant?  Arrogant crowd.  Booker snatches the mic.  He finds what Miz has said is interesting.  He says Miz likes to talk, a lot.  Booker suggests a new guest for the show, someone who is used to beating lots of competitors at once.  Here comes Ryback.  Miz quickly leaves the ring as Ryback enters, who goes on to destroy the set of Miz TV.  Ryback picks up the sofa over his head and throws it at Miz.  Nice.  Crowd cheers as Miz looks like he pissed himself from the stage.

They reply the Jerry Lawler Tout again.  Ad break 6.

CM Punk talking to Heyman backstage, as Josh Matthews asks Punk if he is looking forward to the main event tonight.  Punk says of course he isn't looking forward to teaming with anyone.  He says he walked in NOC as WWE Champion and walked out as WWE Champion and asks what he has to do around here to get some respect, before swatting the mic away and walking off.

Santino Marella power walks out to the ring, followed by EXCUSE ME?! Vickie Guerrero.  She introduces Mr. Money in the Bank, Dolph Ziggler.  Quick Judo toss by Santino, who surprises himself with it.  Ziggler hits a beautiful, powerful dropkick on Santino, and a stomp to the chest.  Santino off the ropes, starts power walking, much to the confusion of Ziggler who stops him mid-way "Hey!".  Santino surprises Ziggler with a Jacknife pinning combintation for a two count.  Ziggler puts Santino down with a neckbreaker.  "Let's go Ziggler" chant starts as Ziggler hits a jumping elbow on Santino for two.  Ziggler takes the Cobra from Santino's attire and rubs it in his face, calling Santino and idiot and a joke.  Ziggler goes to punch Santino who blocks it and begins to fight back before being hit with a forearm by Ziggler.  Ziggler with a cocky pin gets a two and begins teeing off on Santino.  Santino blocks a punch and comes back with punches of his own before getting fired up with his moveset.  Splits, armdrag and headbutt.  He goes for the Cobra but realises it's not there.  Vickie has it, who Santino tries to get it off before Ziggler hits the Zig Zag.  Ziggler doesn't cover, instead picks Santino up again and hits another Zig Zag for the 1-2-3.  Post-match, Vickie shoves the Cobra down Santino's throat.

Standard Santino comedy match.  Not an awful lot to say, other than I liked Ziggler's aggression.  There was no need to slap on another Zig Zag, but he did.  Why?  Because he can.

They show Wade Barrett (my God) from last Friday.  He explains what he meant by the Barrage being open for business.  He says next week some lucky person will be lucky enough to sample the product.  He says after that, business will be booming.  I freakin' love Wade Barrett.  He's out now.  Did they bill him from Preston, England? I hope so, my Dad's from there.

Ex-Nexus buddy Justin Gabriel is out next, who is now an Anime character, apparently.  Justin with kicks to the leg and shows his agility with two quick pins on Wade.  Justin up to the top misses Wade who kicks him in the gut.  We want Nexus?  Is that what they're saying? Both men outside as Barret shoves Gabriel into the barrier.  He uses the ring post to pull on Gabriel's ribs.  BOOM! I love it.  Gabriel in the corner eats punches from Barrett who is  then whipped in the opposite corner.  Backbreaker followed by elbow to the jaw and a 2 count.  Barrett with punches to the ribs and then the head top put Gabriel down.  2 count again for barrett followed by an abdominal stretch on the mat.  Gabriel fights out and drops Wade on the middle turn buckle. A series of kicks by Gabriel knocks Wade to his knees, who fights back with a massive punch to the ribs.  Wade goes for the pumphandle but is countered by Gabriel who hits a top rope Lionsault an a 2 count.  More strikes by Gabriel who misses and gets Flapjacked by Barrett.  Thanks for coming Gabriel, but Barret hits his pull-in knock out punch for the win.  Now that's a knock out punch, Big Show.

I hope Barrett is thrust into the main event sooner than later.  As JBL said, he's got champion written all over him.  Ad break 7 or 8, I wasn't paying much attention to the numbers.

R-Truth and Kofi are backstage.  R-Truth is wearing a party hat, and shouts "Happy Birthday!"  Some dude from Subway says it's Subway's birthday.  Jarrett from Subway?  I dunno.  American thing, I guess.  Little Jimmy tells R-Truth what he wants in a sandwich.  The dude gives them, including Little Jimmy a Subway and they walk off.  Sandow turns up, suggesting a new Subway called The Sandow.  He's awesome.  The dude suggests a Meatball Marinara.  Sandow is okay with it, and says "You're Welcome" before walking off.  Ryder turns up and suggests a sandwich called the "Woo Woo Woo You Know It" Sub.  The dude suggests something else.  He turns round to see Ryback.  Feed. Me. More.  He gives him a sub.  Ryback grabs a second and walks off.

Sheamus is shown talking to Cena, talking about his match with ADR.  Cena looks distracted.  Sheamus asks if he's okay, he says yes and says they both can't just win, they need to make a statement.  Sheamus has no doubt they'll win and suggests afterwards they go to the pub and drink pints celebrating a load of stuff.

D-Bry is backstage shouting that he's the tag team champions.  It then switches to Kane doing the same.  I like to believe they've been doing that since NOC and haven't eaten, drank or slept since.  Ad break 9, probably.

They show actual footage of Lawler who steps off the plane in Memphis.  He hugs the doctor who saves his life.  That's nice, he then gets in a car after waving to the camera.

Kofi and R-Truth are out for their rematch for the Tag Team Championship.  D-Bry out first who gets a pretty big pop.  He rips up a sign as he yells No at the crowd.  I guess Anger Management wore off.  Kane's out next.  Bryan and Kane are arguing again.  The Crowd are loudly chanting yes as they argue over who is going to start the match.  Bryan: "You started last time!", so Bryan starts first as a small "Hug it Out" chant starts.  This is the most surprisingly awesome thing ever.  Kofi and Bryan start with a headlock by Bryan followed by a shoulder knock down.  Fast pace so far as Kofi jumps over Bryan twice as he bounces off the rope followed by a jumping back elbow.  Quick tag to K-Kwik, hur hur, but Bryan takes control.  He goes to tag Kane and shouts No!  R-Truth tags Kofi who gives Bryan a Crossbody.  Bryan kicks out of the pin attempt and gives Kane a hard tag.  Kane and Kofi dance about a bit before Kofi hits Kane with kicks.  Kane throws Kofi in the corner like his big brother would and beats Kofi down.  Kofi whipped to the corner hops over Kane and hits with kicks, but Kane hits him with a knee.  Kofi whipped to the rope, hangs on and sends Kane over the top.  Bryan charges Bryan who is also sent over the top and onto Kane.  They both stare at each other and start arguing, Bryan shouting "I was trying to help you!" as we hit ad break 10.

We're back with R-Truth in a bearhug by Kane.  R-Truth fights out with punches but gets pushed into the corner.  Kane follows it up with an attempted clothesline but eats R-Truth's boot.  R-Truth hits a missile dropkick and gets the tag to Kofi.  Kofi enters with a springboard punch and a dropkick.  He then jumps, balls first into Kane's face and hits punches.  He tries to whip Kane out but Kane over-powers him.  Kofi counters with a kick to the face and a frogsplash cross body for 2.  Kofi kicks Kane in the face and goes for the Boom Drop.  He sets Kane up for the Trouble in Paradise but Kane steps away and goes for a chokeslam.  Kofi goes for a crossbody but eats a throat thrust uppercut by Kane.  Kane signals for the chokeslam but Bryan tags himself in.  They start shoving each other but the ref tells Kane to get out, which he does.  Kofi tags R-Truth who hits the Lie Detector on Bryan.  R-Truth does a dance and hits the inverted suplex (I think?) and a 2 count.  R-Truth hits Bryan in the ear and face before tagging Kofi.  R-Truth with a scoop slam to Bryan, then Scoop Slam's Kofi onto Bryan for a 2.  Kofi with a key lock armbar?  I don't know, I'm guessing.  R-Truth tagged back in and a double Russian Leg Sweep.  Two count for R-Truth followed by a headlock.  Kane is yelling at Bryan, telling him to "do something".  Bryan back to his feet with elbows to the gut of R-Truth but is dropped onto the middle turnbuckle by Bryan.  Kane is yelling for a tag and gets one.  He enters with a flying clothesline and dropkick to the face.  Kane is amazing considering his size. A 7-foot difference maker.  I love JR.  Sidewalk Slam by Kane, looking for a Chokeslam again.  Bryan goes to tag himself in again but is caught in the act.  Bryan backtracks but gets choked by Kane.  Bryan hangs Kane out on the ropes and gets hit by R-Truth's finisher.  The Little Jimmy?  Bryan breaks up the count and gets taken out by Kofi.  Kane hits a chokeslam on Truth and gets tagged in by Bryan who slaps the No Lock on R-Truth, who taps out.  Bryan and Kane retain the titles.

I love the dynamic between these two.  I hope they stick it out for a while and try not to rush anything.  The backstage segments are entertaining and their matches are just as good, not just because of their individual talent, but because you have no idea when they will completely flip out on each other.  They argue post-match over who the Tag Team Champions is.  Bryan tries to compose himself as Kane holds both titles up.  A "Hug it out" chant starts.  Bryan suggest they give the people what they want.  Bryan encourages Kane, with arms wide open.  Kane puts both belts on his shoulders and gives Bryan a big hug.  As they separate Bryan takes one of the belts and they are both to yelling at each other.  Brilliant.

They show the B.A. Star anti-bullying thing in Bridgeport with The Big Show, Otunga and Stephanie McMahon.  I have much respect for WWE for doing this stuff but, fast forward. Orton is up next as we hit another ad break.

Orton is smirking as he slowly walks to the ring.  He looks over his shoulder before getting in the ring.  He's on the cover of the WWE magazine, being called an Anti-Superstar.  Wonderful.  His opponent is "The Failed Experiment", Tensai.  Borderlands 2 looks to be awesome.  Collar and elbow tie-up sends Tensai in the corner as Orton dodges strikes.  Tensai chokes Orton into the corner but Orton fights out with punches.  Tensai shoves him and htis a back elbow, but is met with punches but Orton and a spinning back elbow from Orton, too.  Surprising.  Tensai in control in the corner with headbutts to the head and ribs of Orton.  Another boring chant?  More shots by Tensai to the ribs and kidneys of Orton.  Orton counters with punches to the face but eats a knee to the gut by Tensai, who follows it up with a running powerslam.  Headbutts by Tensai and an elbow drop for a two count.  Bearhug by Tensai.  Orton fights back with punches but again is met with a headbutt by Tensai.  Knees to the kidneys by Tensai and slaps the claw on Orton.  Orton looks to be laughing... silly boy.  Shots to the large gut of Tensai and a snap powerslam by Orton on Tensai.  Impressive considering Tensai's size.  Orton sells the rib injury by not covering and goes for the rope DDT, which he hits after kicking the crap out of Tensai.  Randy still sells the kidney pain, which is good.  He is setting Tensai up for the RKO but Tensai pushes him away into the corner and follows through, but Orton dodges, Tensai hits the turnbuckle and eats an RKO for the win for Orton.

A very slow TV match that didn't get much of a reaction until the RKO.  Tensai could've been great on paper but it just hasn't really worked for the man formerly known as Albert. Ad break.

Backstage ADR, Otunga, Punk and Heyman talk about their match.  Otunga, speaking on ADR's behalf expects Punk to follow his lead tonight.  Heyman, on behalf of the champion, says that CM Punk has been Champ for 303 days now, which means he follows no one's lead.  ADR whispers to Otunga, who points out that it is all irrelevant, because by the looks of Punk, he looks like he sleeps on the street.  Punk whispers to Heyman, who says as a respectful suggestion, perhaps instead of buying all those cars, ADR should be a time machine and go back to last year's Survivor Series where CM Punk defeated Mr. Del Rio for the WWE Title.  CM Punk then says to ADR that he is really looking forward to teaming with him tonight.  ADR says "It will be an honour" and walks off.  Heyman looks confused as he says "What the hell was that?"  CM Punk shrugs.

Sandow is out now with mic in hand.  "Silence the music, I am about to speak!" Brilliant.  He is pleased to announce the season of Sloth, or summer vacation to us, is over.  This the start of his favourite season because it's back to school.  As our saviour and martyr he is going to save us.  He addresses Mr. Ross and says that "Sloberknocker" is not a word.  He suggests some words for this upcoming academic year.  I can't spell what he's saying so I won't embarrass myself.  "Please remain silent as I am speaking, we have a lot to get through.  I am trying to help you." Woo, woo, woo, you know it.  Ryder comes out and acts like an idiot.  I wanted to listen to Sandow thanks very much.  Ryder tells Sandow to shut up in a smart-arse way and announces they have a match.  Ad break.

Back with the match and Ryder hits a flapjack on Sandow before sending him over the top.  Ryder follows him out with a springboard onto Sandow.  Sandow rolled in the ring but kicks out of the pin attempt.  Sandow aggressive with kicks to the ribs followed by a jumping knee drop and a two count.  More knees to the gut of Ryder by Sandow and a two count again.  A second jumping knee drop  by Sandow as he takes a bow before covering for another two.  Headlock by Sandow.  "Let's go Ryder! Woo woo woo" chants fire up.  I've never been on the Ryder bandwagon, personally.  Sandow hits that cool elbow drop that I can't remember the name for with a 2 count.  Shoulder to the gut of Ryder in the corner, who is whipped to the opposite side.  Ryder dodges Sandow and rolls him up for a two.  Small package by Ryder for another two.  Ryder hits two punches but gets a kick by Sandow, who puts Ryder on his shoulders.  Ryder wriggles out and hits a really girly facebuster before a spinning clothesline.  Forearm in the corner sets Sandow up for the Broski Boot.  Sandow, smart, rolls out the ring but Ryder meets him and knocks him down on the floor.  Both men in the ring and Sandow takes advantage with kicks in the corner.  He charges Ryder who lifts both knees up and hits the Broski Boot.  Ryder drags Sandow out but kicks out at two.  Sandow drops Ryder throat-first on the ropes before hitting his neckbreaker finisher for the win.  Even the way he pins his opponents is great.

Not a bad match.  Ryder really is a jobber, isn't he?  Ad break.

Main event time with Sheamus out first. Cena out next, still wearing the Susan G. Konnen attire.  Ricardo Rodriguez introduces ADR as usual.  CM Punk last accompanied by Paul Heyman.  He looks at Heyman's watch to confirm that it's clobbering time.  Heyman does a running high-five at Punk.  Punk talks trash to the fans around the ring.  Paul Heyman for President sign.  Brilliant.  Punk stands in the ring and holds up the WWE title for ages, like he did at NOC.  Simple, yet effective.  He also has his back turned to Cena and Sheamus as he surveys the crowd.  "Let's Go Cena/CM Punk/Cena Sucks" chant goes.  They sound similar.  Punk is still holding the belt up as we go to another ad break.

We're back with CM Punk and Cena in the ring.  CM Punk tags ADR in and goes out to talk to Heyman.  ADR starts with a headlock but Cena falls back to shake him off.  Cena with a headlock of his own but gets a punch in the ribs by ADR followed by a kick sending Cena to the corner.  ADR hits a series of kicks to the gut and a whip that gets reversed to the opposite side.  Monkey Flip by Cena that receives boos.  Slightly unfair but hey.  Sheamus is tagged in to some minor boos.  Sheamus beats ADR down in the corner and throws him to the opposite end.  ADR tries to fight back but gets hit by a Steamroller from Sheamus.  Kick out at 2 by ADR and Cena is tagged in.  ADR kicks Cena and tags CM Punk in who is taken to the corner by Cena.  Bulldog on Punk by Cena.  Punk tries to hang onto the apron but his put into the AA position.  Thumb to the eye by Punk who rolls out for a time out,. Punk back in stopping Cena's face.  He stands on Cena as he taunts the crowd.  Massive Let's Go Cena/Cena Sucks chant.  Tag to ADR who gets a kick to the gut of Cena.  ADR uses the ropes to choke Cena to a count of 4 followed by a cheap punch by CM Punk. Punk tags himself as Cena starts to fight back.  Drop Toe Hold by Punk.  Heyman shouts that Punk is the best in the world, as Cena tags in Sheamus who goes to town on Punk in the corner.  Clothesline knocks Punk down for a two count.  Punk whipped in the corner coutners with an elbow and tag to ADR who kicks Sheamus's face off.  ADR aggressively beating Sheamus and goes for his splat to the floor bump but gets caught up in the rope.  Looked painful but intentional as Sheamus hits his clubbing shots to the chest.  Back in the ring Sheamus hits White Noise and looks to the crowd as he sets up for the Brogue Kick.  ADR to his feet as Punk distracts Sheamus, ADR hits the Backstabber for a 2 count.  ADR chokes Sheamus on the ropes again and tags Punk back in.  Punk stamps on Sheamus and chops him.  Sheamus briefly fights back put Punk puts him down with a dropkick to the knee.  Punk goes for a surfboard stretch on Sheamus.  Sheamus flips on top of Punk and goes for a pin for 2.  Sheamus goes to tag Cena but Punk drags him to his corner, grape vining his legs before tagging ADR in.  ADR with a headlock on Sheamus.  Decent match so far.  Sheamus fights back with punches, bounces off the ropes and meets a knee by ADR.  Cover for 2.  ADR whips Sheamus but gets reversed and Sheamus hits the Irish Curse Backbreaker.  Cena is getting fired up, as is Punk.  Both men get tags.  Cena goes for the shoulder blocks, and the spinning suplex.  Cena goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but CM Punk tries to kick Cena, who blocks it and slaps on the STF.  ADR interferes but eats a Brogue Kick.  Clothesline by Punk to Sheamus who then turns around to get his Attitude Adjusted.  Three count by the ref but CM Punk very clearly had his foot on the rope.  Ref apparently didn't see it.  CONSPIRACY.

Punk and Heyman are arguing with the ref, showing him Punk's foot on the rope.Punk stops the ref from leaving.  Heyman is trying to get CM Punk to calm down.  CM Punk is still yelling at the ref as they go to the back and they end the show.  Kind've lackluster in terms of impact but I guess it can drag over to next week, which is the point.

Thanks for reading this week.  I hope it wasn't too boring, I'm still getting used to this writing shtick.  I'll have more posts in the week no doubt, depending on what pops in my fragile little mind.  See you soon!

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